Dr. Jeffrey A. Tancock

Dr. Jeffery Tancock

Dr. Jeffery Tancock

Dr Jeffrey Tancock benefits from the experience of being in continuous full time practice since 1982. He uses a patient centered approach to injuries and problems by combining the most appropriate specific chiropractic adjustments, mobilizations, soft tissue/myofascial therapies, and Low Level Laser therapy. Along with exercise instruction and advice, he feels that this approach results in better outcomes.

Dr. Jeffrey Tancock is a certified Graston Technique provider and a registered Trigenics Practitioner. This enables him to detect and treat myofascial adhesions, chronic inflammation and other injuries by using pure soft tissue/muscle and adhesion release techniques.

Dr Jeffrey Tancock uses a Neuromechanical Impulse iQ adjusting instrument when indicated and for those patients that prefer to receive adjustments with the instrument.

He also makes use of a MedX Low Level Laser to decrease inflammation and accelerate the healing of many conditions.

He has been casting and prescribing custom made orthotics since 1984 and is especially pleased with the quality of product produced at Footmaxx, the current laboratory he is using.

Dr. Jeffrey Tancock attended Queen’s University and the University of Western Ontario obtaining a B.Sc. in 1978. He then studied at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, graduating in 1982 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. After one year of practice in Kelowna, he opened an office with his brother Dr John Tancock in Victoria in June of 1983. They also had a satellite practice on Saltspring Island for one year each.

Dr. Jeffrey Tancock served on the board of directors for the BC Chiropractic Association from 1991-1995. He is a member in good standing of the BC College of Chiropractors, the BC Chiropractic Association, and the Canadian Chiropractic Association. He also supports the CMCC as an alumni member.

Dr. Jeffrey Tancock has served on ICBC Committees, Sports Medicine staff at the 1994 Commonwealth Games, Payless Pro Golf Tournaments and the “ISC’S” World Championship Softball Tournament.

Dr. Jeff Tancock’s Reviews

Tancock Chiropractors are the BEST in town! Moving to a new city has its’ challenges!  Finding the perfect hairdresser, an excellent car mechanic and an exceptional chiropractor can be frustrating… and costly.  It took me a painful year (there are differences) until I found Tancock!  Within minutes I knew I was in great hands. I am 62 and those old sports injuries have taken a toll.  Physio helped a bit but Dr. Jeff’s many techniques gives me immediate relief.  Being active is being alive! I go for monthly adjustments and also find less back problems with their orthotics.  Free smiles and free parking at the door!  What a great team!” Susan D

“Over the past 30 years, Dr. Jeff Tancock has treated me during the most difficult periods of my life. After suffering a back injury in the 80’s, his treatment plans got me back into the physical activities I had come to enjoy including working out, hiking, lawn bowling, biking and swimming. More recently, having suffered a critical illness that decimated my body, Jeff devised new treatment plans that have brought me back to where I was before the illness. Always innovative. Always available. Always a variety of services to offer!!”    Wendy

“For years my feet hurt. During an adjustment for my shoulders and upper back, I mentioned my foot pain to Dr Jeff.  After examining my feet, he ascertained that I had Plantar Fasciitis. After a few treatments using the Graston Technique, the pain was gone. What a relief to be able to walk pain free.     PS I later ordered orthotics from Dr Jeff. He customized them for my body and gait. In very little time I noticed much less discomfort in my knees, hips and back.”    Diane